Remington WDF4815 Body Hair Shaver

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Product description

Product Description

The Remington WDF4815 Shave and Go Lady Shaver leaves you with enviably smooth and silky results. Designed to meet every shaving style, it's suitable for use on legs, underarms and the bikini area, while boasting a flexible trimmer system to help remove longer hair. Its dual, floating foils glide over the contours of your body for irresistibly touchable skin.

The WDF4815 has a flexible trimmer system
The dual foil shaver also features a flexible trimmer system to help with longer hair
Total coverage for soft, fuzz-free skin

The WDF4815 shaver has two flexing foils for an extremely efficient and incredibly smooth shave. It was specially designed to gently glide over all the contours and curves of the female body. This close contact means it can tackle even difficult areas like knees and ankles with ease so you don't miss an inch of skin. And the foils are hypoallergenic to minimize skin irritation.

Taming longer hair? The shaver has a flexible trimmer system which helps tidy longer hair. These are designed with comfort tips—rounded edges—to minimize skin irritation for an effortlessly easy and even cut.

And for a smooth bikini line, simply click on the interchangeable bikini trimmer comb guard leaving your skin silky with less irritation for a smooth finish.

Discomfort is kept to a minimum thanks to the skin-stretching massage strip. This helps keep the skin taut during shaving for ease and comfort and enables the blades to hug your skin incredibly closely for the most efficient and effective shave.

Ready for wet or dry shaving

Need a hasty dry shave on the go? Or looking to lather up for a serious shave in the shower or bath? The WDF4815 employs innovative wet/ dry technology which means you can use your shaver for both dry and wet shaving. Its shower proof system ensures it doesn't get damaged when wet, delivering smooth, touchable skin whichever way you use it.

Easy to use

With a stylish crisp white and aqua design, it looks good while delivering maximum performance and is battery-operated so you don't need to worry about charging it. And the shaver comes with two AAA Rayovac batteries included so you can start using straight out of the packet.

It comes with a cleaning brush to help to get rid of any loose hair and a beauty bag to neatly store everything in. It also comes with a two year guarantee.

Top tips for using your shaver

  • For optimum results, hold the shaver at a right angle to your skin and move it against the direction of the hair growth.
  • If you are dry shaving, make sure the area is clean, dry and free from any cream or oils prior to shaving to ensure the closest, silkiest results possible.
  • To keep your shaver clean and in tip-top condition, after every use rinse the shaving head with warm water.
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    Remington--Okay world, here I come

    Remington has been helping the world get ready for over 70 years. Experts in innovation, they are at the very cutting-edge of technology and work with top salon professionals from all over the world to produce electrical hair styling products that really work, care for your hair and deliver superior results every single time. Remington’s products will have you looking and feeling so good that you’re ready for anything--it’s that all important last look in the mirror before you step out into the world. Okay world, here I come. Smooth and Silky--a beautifully designed range for effectively removing unwanted hair leaving a desirably smooth and silky finish.

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