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Remington MB6550.... عرض المزيد


Remington MB6550

Perfectly Even Cut

The Remington MB6550 beard trimmer features a unique beard-shaping set. With quality titanium blades, you can effortlessly get the exact look you desire. The built-in vacuum technology efficiently extracts cut hairs. Your sink will stay clean, as the hairs will remain in the body of the trimmer.

2 Removable Heads With Vacuum Technology

Using a wide groove trimmer with adjustable add-on ridges, trim your beard's length, adjust the width of the cut, or cut a specific shape. A detailed trimmer is ideal for a particular style and beard/mustache-shaping.

Adjustable Comb

There is an adjustable comb that allows you to trim your beard in different styles and lengths. A practical case is included for safe transport. In the package, you can find combs for cutting at lengths of 3, 6, 9 and 12mm.

Rechargeable Battery Lasts 60 Minutes

The trimmer is driven by a lithium battery that provides up to 60 minutes of cableless operation and takes up to 5 hours to charge. Once the machine is charged, you can use it virtually anywhere you do not have access to a power supply. Without the cable, handling the device is much easier.

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