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Product Description

Control at the touch of a button

Remington Touch Control

The world’s first touch screen beard and stubble trimmer. Designed for perfection, this pioneering trimmer combines precision with power for elite performance.

Its touch sensitive screen tailors speed and length of trim to your personal specification for effortless styling and ultimate control.

Control at the touch of a button
Touch Screen Technology

The beard and stubble trimmer encompasses a touch sensitive screen which allows consumers total flexibility and ultimate control.

Pro Power Motor

The Touch Control Hair Clipper boasts Remington’s powerful Pro Power Motor for 2 x faster* performance.
*Versus previous Remington range

Motorised comb
Motorised Comb

The motorised comb provides a wide range of length settings 175 in total from 0.4 – 18 mm with intricate 0.1 mm increases.

TRI Boost System

The efficient three step speed setting means the Touch Control can be manually adjusted to the preferred speed for styling freedom.

Titanium Coated Blades

300% stronger than steel blades (Vs. Remington standard steel blades) for a longer lasting performance. Titanium coated blades deliver exceptional cutting performance with each stroke.

Advanced Locking

What’s more, the intelligent lock-in feature means settings can not be accidentally altered mid-shave, giving you the best-ever control and confidence when grooming.

Quick Release Blade System

The blades can be cleaned quickly and easily when required with minimum fuss.

Designed for Perfection

Aesthetically designed to compliment the sleekest of bathrooms, Touch Control boasts a black, high gloss finish with a soft touch back panel for an ergonomic handling and navigation around facial contours.

Mobile Maintenance

The Remington Touch Control trimmer boasts a USB charging ability for total flexibility, allowing you to charge directly from your laptop as well as a standard plug socket for 40 minutes cordless usage. The ultimate grooming gadget, the new Remington Touch Control fuses functionality with technology, offering you a flawless finish every single time.

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